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risguitar Student Members :This is to bring to your attention following Group Masters would be out of their respective Country for Stage Shows / Gigs / Advertisements  etc from 15-Oct-2022 till 7-Jan-2023. If anyone below is your Group Master from your respective Country then please note your classes will happen in very intermittent fashion or may say nil would be happening. So you will be provided lessons in advance to cover up their absence during the time frame mentioned above.

Jerry Jones,  Nikita Baily,  Chloé Lavigne,  Camille Monet,  Ekaterina Sirodov,  Adèle Dupont,  Léonie Martin,  Akansha Chaturvedi,  Mischa Semenov, Tobias Müller, Elias Wagner,  Hannah Schneider,  Leah Weber,  Lina Sharma,  Capucine Toussaint,  Maëlys Moulin,  Anita Agarwal,  Ris Nath,  Jaison Campbell,  Anita Baker, Jamie Jones,  Nikita Julliet,  Sarah Mc Leod

We/I Feel Like a Fugitive From The Law of Averages….. (Bill Mauldin) 😊

—- Registration Deadline is 22-July-2022. You can participate from any Country / also you need not to be a risguitar member. All information is in Photo Gallery in Home Page


Very new risguitar Student Members : Your request to teach in person or help in electronic format though fancy amplifiers is been refused as its for your own good.  You can use fancy amplifiers atleast after few months of your learning. Its better to cheat somebody else than to cheat you – yourself from day 1 of learning.   🙂     . Don’t do your practice in this fashion as your finger placing on fretboard will go haywire resulting in learning going in Helter Skelter   🙂 fashion.




Unfortunately we are unable to raise enough funds for Mercury Trust so if anybody you know can spend few hours working for us (after their / your normal working hours) to donate to Trust , then we can offer you any kind of work depending on specific Country. Please visit Help Page or contact us at