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This section gets updated on frequent interval so revisit this page as you will find your solved assignments here / also be patient as its still under construction. Here you will find various examples which aligns with your assignments provided. It will be very easy for you. :-). This section is for all from beginner to advanced level. Just pick any of your assignment provided – you should be easily able to tally (tabs, notation, licks etc) which examples fits where as shown in educational video examples here. We highly advice beginners not to jump to intermediate level licks as you will go off track at your level. After making your life so easy – you still have free option to get in touch for help on whatssapp or repeat class.  Jam with us seriously for few weeks only – followed by that you yourself will be able to smash through Guitar Wall. Guitar is a very difficult instrument to play at initial stages when you are in serious relationship with her.  Sometimes She will test your patience beyond your limits, Sometimes She will fully convince you – you are worthless also under such horrendous situation She will send you out on wild goose chase or witch hunt to find easy solution for “How to learn the easy way playing with her”. As beginner we highly advice you follow us or else She will take you for a ride. We also advice beginners not to share your bedroom with her as She can give you worst nightmares of your life – for beginners She got many magic tricks up her sleeve to throw you out of her world . In simple its a inverted V curve process to go through with the tightest angle so have patience. For Beginners we advice just to focus 5% to 10% on theory at initial stages and focus 90% to 95% on practical/playing as nobody cares how much of theory you know if you can’t play even 5 notes properly – and if you are on stage and start talking about guitar theory & can’t even play  3 notes properly – then many aggressive spectators will start throwing empty beer cans at you (just for some additional information – some spectators got very good aim to participate in Olympics 🙂 ). The winning probability/success rate actually to play Guitar is same like reading a book called “How to Become A Millionaire” & actually to implement it 🙂   If you are in intermediate level and got into blues licks (as few examples in videos here) seriously then as long it sounds good to you – you are getting there to learn blues & when people around you start to say you are sounding weird then for sure you are confirmed to have learned Blues 🙂 . It’s also very important that before you get into Blues you must be fully aware there are some tremendous risks associated with it.  Once you are a Blues Man your neurotransmitters gets rewired in a weird fashion and the release of Oxytocin / Dopamine etc absolutely does not happens in same manner as it does with normal human.  So after you are Blues Man you will never be able to mingle with normal people around you other than people of your Blues world so you  should have the courage to accept if people around you starts to call you insane, weird, crazy or whatever. Also to note Blusification is an irreversible process so if you are in courtship/married it will be better to ask your partner in advance before being Blusified as without consent from partner before being Blusified may lead to separation/divorce etc – so kindly please do a high level risk analysis. If you are ready to take that risk then only go ahead with Blues as after Blusification you will be in your own world with few other mad & weird people doing some very weird stuffs (not to mention here).

If you are already over 6 months as beginner and lost all hope & patience then we highly recommend you to shift to some other musical instrument (or absolutely some other  task than music world).  As beginner now if She ended up as showcase stuff of your home then just consider the witchy side of her defeated you. Every time you look at her as your showcase item then just think over these words here. Keeping aside music it’s very important what ever you pursue in your life/career you must have a constructive and achievable goal/future plan in place. If you failed to play Her/Music then at least keep some other career goal in place so that your future is sorted out & secured.  With global inflation going on – the first project to work on is your debt (mortgage, credit card bills, loans etc) for a secured future as anything of quality stuff will always be expensive and on top of it learning Music from quality place is nothing much more than luxury. Just to confirm at EOD above principle & philosophy applies to any quality kind of goal/career you likely to pursue (eg Medical, Law, Engineering, Arts, Mass Communication, MBA, CA, Space Science etc etc etc) from a quality place (College, University, Research Institute etc ). BUT beware one Witch of it’s unique kind  is everywhere to derail you from your intended course.

Educational Videos (Some of the videos contains discount offers for you)

If video does not download properly please refresh this page (these videos are only for educational purpose & certain back tracks are vintage in quality though enough clarity is there for educational purpose). These examples of tabs & notations are for all levels & all ages and as per maximum number of requests coming from each level to resolve their problems associated with assignments provided.  This page is coming up so revisit this page on frequent interval.

IT Sound DUSSAUMUSIQUES / Sonner Acoustique – Due to Electric Guitar aural, phonic / audio quality issue please use speakers above Peak +100W & RMS + 50W, High PMPO/High BASS / for noise cancellation & quality audio .

 The next tutorial is repeat practical request by many very very young 40++ (Fortygers) members. You all Fortygers members are for sure going to jump start playing guitar on this tutorial. If you cannot even nail this easy tutorial then at least you can copy the dance moves and get your body in shape (if out of shape). Still if you cannot nail this easy tutorial then we highly advice you to quit learning guitar & join any dance class or Gym. This is for your own benefit. Just also to confirm playing any musical instrument can also help reduce weight by 10%. Here there are many flashy difficult tutorial for advanced players but we really do not want you to get scared at early stages of learning – so we are taking you the most easiest path to reach advanced playing. We are not any sleeping music teaching place so we are keeping your journey as exciting as possible to get you going ahead with Guitar. It is very often found many super smash hit tracks on top of the chart is most easy to play & most difficult to play tracks sits at the bottom of the chart.  Also we are very sure many of these very easy to play top tracks sits in top of your own private chart busters! It’s coming up. Keeping aside Music/Guitar in analogy many times the task which looks very easy is actually very difficult & the task which looks very difficult is actually very easy. Just make sure you are at least able to distinguish this issue with other aspects of your life 🙂 or else you will never attempt / go ahead with a task which looks difficult & fail miserably in any task which looks easy.

Members please note with reference to LHS tutorial video  below – cracking sounds in certain section of tutorial is not issue of your Guitar or back tracks. The Pro software running in all version of Windows / 10 / 11 etc  is producing the same issue.  Reinstalling your Pro Software is not going to help either /  also changing your external sound card will not resolve this issue.  We are checking with Native Instruments on this issue and a Ticket is already in place.